July 16, 2012 - TIPS on Filing for Deferred Action

President Barack Obama recently announced that the United States will temporarily stop deporting hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants and grant them work permits provided they meet certain criteria.  For an outline of the requirements of this benefit please see our previous article,  Dreams Come True with Obama Announcement on Deferred Action.   If you believe that you qualify, below are some tips to help you prepare to apply for deferred action.  

Qualified persons in removal proceedings can immediately reach out to Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) to request deferred action. However those who are not in proceedings must apply for deferred action affirmatively.  Meaning they must begin an application on their own accord to apply for the benefit.  Currently there is no process in place to apply for deferred action affirmatively. United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has until August 14, 2012 to create and institute an application process.  As such,  the best way to prepare is for applicants to begin gathering the evidence necessary to support their application for deferred action. Here are three (3) categories of documents applicants can begin gathering: 

  •  Government-Issued Documentation - These documents would include: passports, I-94 Cards, immigration records, correspondence from immigration agencies, driver's licenses, marriage certificates, military records, your children's birth certificates.
  • School Records - These documents would include: copies of school transcripts, diplomas, degrees and correspondence.
  • Verifiable Miscellaneous Documents - These documents would include: financial records such as bank statements or personal checks bearing a dated bank cancellation stamp, employment records, hospital / medical records, bank statements, credit card statements, letters of employment, tax returns, rental receipts, leases, utility bills, and other dated receipts. 

The main idea is to start gathering documents that demonstrate that you meet the requirements for deferred action. Even affidavits from friends and family or letters from employers, churches, unions and other organizations attesting to an individual's continuous presence in the United States can help support an applicaton for deferred action.  Qualified persons should start getting together their documentation today so that they will be ready to file once the application process for deferred action is announced!

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